Career Services

Top Performance Enterprise is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We pride ourselves on employing a mixture of minorities in an effort to reflect the melting pot that is our society. TPE is currently accepting resumes for the following positions:










Please review each job description carefully before submitting your resume. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Support Analyst—–Contingent Position¬†

Contract Specialist—–Contingent Position Mid Level (click to review)¬† Executive Level

Financial Management Specialist—–Contingent PositionMid Level (click to review)Executive Level (click to review)

Cost Analyst—–Contingent Position—¬†Level 2 (click to review)Level 3 (click to review)

Financial Analyst—–Contingent PositionLevel 1 (click to review)

Human Resource Manager—–Contingent Position

Information Technologist—–Contingent Position—Level 1 (click to review)Level II—Level III

Accountant—–Contingent Position

Accounting Technician—–Contingent Position